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Jane’s Homework Assignment…A Room of My Own…

Today, my friend Jane over at PlaneJaner’s Journey gave us a homework assignment (http://planejaner.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/a-room-all-your-own-really-its-only-for-you-now-comes-the-hard-part/)… I’ll wait here while you read about it…

(twiddling thumbs…doodling…staring around the room…wishing Anna would turn off Family Channel…)

Okay…here’s my dream room:

The #1 rule in my room is that no one under the age of, say, 25, will be admitted unless there is a copious amount of blood involved – no pets allowed either.  No one but me will be able to eat or drink anything in my room.

I'll need a sign like this...

I don’t know what colour my room would be…I’m really not interested in or good at decorating stuff.  However, it would be furnished with Victorian antique furniture (including the rocker I inherited from my mom, a comfy armchair, and perhaps a settee of some kind), so the paint would have to coordinate with that.  There would be an crocheted afghan that I made to wrap around me if I get chilly (any side tables would have doilies, also made by me).  There would be a desk with a computer (desktop – I hate laptops).  The desk would be fully-equipped with all needed equipment: pens, pencils, paper, scissors, stapler, ruler, glue, etc.  It would be completely off-limits to any child who can’t find school supplies somewhere else in the house.  There would be a stereo/radio (tuned to CBC) with all my albums (vinyl), cassettes, and CDs. There would be no TV in my room.  The room would be soundproof, both to keep outside noise out, and not to have children complaining about my music.

Something like this would be amazing, but alas, my windows aren't that big!

I would have shelves about 4 feet high on every wall which would be filled with books (including my collection of antique “Lucile”‘s), miniatures, my mom’s bell collection, her collection of wooden boxes, and other family heirlooms.  There would be an antique rug on the floor, and the walls would be full of Mom’s photographs and art, and some of my own acquisitions.  In one corner, there would be shelves constructed to hold my collection of Victoria Magazines (nearly complete, back to 1988 or so).

There would be a special cupboard filled with my personal snacks…the ones that I have to hide now to make sure I actually get some of them: multigrain tortilla chips, cashews, chocolate cherries, honey roasted peanuts, Smoky Bacon Ruffles, and red licorice (this may need to be LOCKED!).  A small fridge will be necessary for iced tea, lemonade, and spinach dip (for the tortilla chips).  I will also need an electric kettle for tea, and my own big mug.

I like this Blue Willow pattern mug...

I would use my room to read, write, listen to my music, crochet, or decoupage (another hobby of mine that I never get to do).

This is the kind of decoupage I do...

Now to answer the rest of Jane’s questions:

Do I deserve it?  Absofrigginlutely!  I’ve been a mother for almost a quarter of a century…I deserve some time to myself and a kid-free place to do that!

Could I accept a gift of a room for myself without guilt or worry?  YES!  I’d only be worried about keeping kids out of it! 

Could I give myself my own room?  YES…all I need is for one kid to move out!

Is this a “woman” thing?  I don’t think so…Jim often talks about having a room of his own too!

Now about Jane needing therapy…I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on that…

Thanks, Jane…now I’ve got something else to add to my “Bucket List” https://writerwoman61.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/my-bucket-list/ …this one is actually do-able!


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