Like It or Not…I’m an Activist!

On my Facebook Newsfeed recently, someone posted about being tired of political posts.

Here’s why I can’t “Let it go”:

Note: My entire extended family lives in the United States (we left for Canada because of Nixon in 1969).

Human Rights:

  • every woman and girl in our family
  • my transgender cousin and her wife
  • my gay cousins and their families
  • my white cousin, her black husband, and their biracial sons
  • my Muslim friends who live in a red state


  • my elderly relatives with multiple medical issues (including “pre-existing conditions”)

Climate Change/Environment:

  • my relatives in Florida
  • my relatives in the Midwest


  • my cousins’ children and grandchildren

Gun Culture:

  • my cousins’ children and grandchildren

Since I live in Canada, I am concerned about being dragged into a war if the orange-haired guy pisses off the wrong person.  If he sinks the economy, I worry about jobs for my husband and children (and people will buy food before they spend money on books, so my livelihood could also be in jeopardy).  I want my grandchildren to have clean air, clean water, and healthy food.

I marched in the local Women’s March on Washington in January, and I will go to the vigil for the innocent Muslims who were killed in Quebec while they prayed, allegedly by a “Cheeto” fan.  If they hold another Women’s March, I’ll go to that one too.  Ditto for the March for Science.

I will continue reading and sharing political posts on my Facebook page…these posts will come from reputable news sources, and will never contain “alternative facts”.  It’s my page, and I’ll post what I want to!

I wouldn’t have to do any of this had certain Americans not been fooled by a totally unqualified candidate who horrifies the world daily with his boorish behaviour.

“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more!” – movie, Network






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6 responses to “Like It or Not…I’m an Activist!


    Keep up your posts… false news from people like Trump should not go unchallenged…do not let his followers stifle free speech.

  2. Good for you Wendy. I hope even the Republicans can, or soon will, see what a bad choice they made. Hopefully he’ll do enough that he can be impeached soon.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Great to see some Cat Herding in my inbox. Go, Wendy!

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