Musicians I Like…

Musicians I Like

Note:  I have moved these links to their own page because I found my home page to be getting a little “busy”.  I will add to these links from time to time…

5 responses to “Musicians I Like…

  1. Jess Witkins

    Aww, I like the Be Good Tanyas too! When my niece was a baby she loved bouncing around to the Tanyas. Fun group! If you want a slightly more risque’ version of the Be Good Tanyas, check out Those Darlins. Same twangy harmony, but more scrappy, meaning I think they’ve started a bar fight or two. I saw them in concert not long ago and it was certainly entertaining. ha! I suggest you listen to “Wild One” or “Snaggletooth Mama” first. Enjoy!

  2. Have you heard of Sarah Jarosz? You might enjoy her if you like The Wailin Jennys and the Be Good Tanyas. You can hear her new album on NPR this week: or listen to for one of my favorites. Like your list 🙂


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