Master Carvers, A Masquerade, and Some Minor Mishaps…

It’s been a rather busy weekend in Hammond River with Halloween festivities.  The kids each carved a pumpkin from the garden:

Brianna's, Anna's, Devin's and Hope's Pumpkins...

On Friday night, we were invited to a Halloween party at Jim’s sister and brother-in-law’s house.  We were informed that we had to come in costume.  It took me a while to come up with a costume idea (not being a big Halloween fan), but I finally did:

Wendy and Jim: A Pair of Blue Jeans...

The kids were a lot more excited about the costumes:

Anna is a '50's Girl; Hope is Lola from Hannah Montana; Brianna is a Fairy...

Devin the Zombie (with Jim's sister, Tracy, behind him)...

Our hosts, Jim’s sister, Kim, and her husband, Chris, were in the spirit…even their standard poodle, Bella, had a costume!

Kim the Cowgirl, Chris and Bella the Pirates...

Jim’s other sister, Tracy, was a vampire, but had trouble getting her fangs to stay in (I hate when that happens!):

Tracy the Defanged Vampire with her Witch's Fingers...

 Jim’s parents looked quite cute in their outfits:

Gordon the Geek and Shirley the Tourist...

There was lots of food at the party: punch, Tracy’s “witch’s fingers” cookies, Shirley’s cupcakes, a veggie plate, and toasted pita bread to dip. 

Kim had some games for us to play too:  “Pin the Stake on the Vampire” was won by Chris’ mom. 

“Hot Potato” involved passing a multi-layered wrapped package around to music – when the music stopped, the person holding it could unwrap it, until the music started again.  The one who finished unwrapping the package got the prize.  It was particularly frustrating, because when Tracy wrapped it, she went a little nuts with the duct tape!  Devin won that one.

The third game was rather gruesome.  We passed four brown paper bags around.  Each person had to put their hand in the bag and guess which “body part” was in the bag (thank goodness we had paper towels to wipe our hands on).  Jim’s dad and I tied for the win with three correct answers out of four: eyeballs, brains, ears, and intestines.  I won a bar of pretty-smelling soap.

Then it was time for some Musical Chairs…that’s where things got a little wild.  We started with eleven players:

That's me clinging with half a butt cheek to the chair just before I fell on the floor...

Devin won that one too…no surprise after hip-checking me off the chair!

Brianna started having some serious allergy issues, and we soon realized that the feathers on her fairy wings were real…we took them out of her immediate vicinity, and she started to feel better.  Chris had some fun with the wings though:

Chris the Cherub...

We all had a great time!

On Saturday, I had promised to look after Elise while Kaylee and Scott went to a wedding: the wedding was at one, and the reception was at five.  Elise is almost fourteen months old, and I’ve only looked after her one other time.  I had told Kaylee to give me a detailed list of instructions…it had been 11 years since I’d had a kid that age!  Hope immediately volunteered to be in charge of diaper changes…Kaylee uses cloth diapers for the baby. 

Elise arrived, with her playpen and a big bag full of stuff.  Kaylee and Scott both looked very nice – Kaylee in a skirt, and Scott wearing a suit.  We had lunch and put Elise in the playpen for a nap.  Anna and Hope lay down with her in the family room and she finally fell asleep after about an hour.  She only slept for about an hour-and-a-half, and she was up again.

I was quite proud of myself that I managed to get Elise to sit still for an entire reading of Helen Lester’s Score One for the Sloths…Helen Lester has been one of the kids’ favourite children’s authors since we discovered her Tacky the Penguin book at the library when Anna was little.

"Tacky the Penguin book" by Helen Lester...

After a supper where Elise sampled a little bit of Jim’s delicious chicken stew (made with rutabagas and carrots from the garden, as well as potatoes, onions, corn and peas), we played a little more, and then got her ready for bed.  She was still awake when Kaylee called about 8:00 and said they were getting ready to leave the reception.  Fifteen minutes later, Scott called in a bit of a panic: “I need the number for the police.  I just hit a deer!”  After determining that he and Kaylee were okay, I gave him the number for the Rothesay Regional Police.  He was feeling terrible – the deer was still on the side of the road.  At least the car wasn’t too badly damaged.

Kaylee and Scott arrived a few minutes after that.  We packed up Elise’s stuff and they went home.

This afternoon, they came back to show us Elise’s Halloween costume.  She was an adorable Snow White:

Elise as Snow White...



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28 responses to “Master Carvers, A Masquerade, and Some Minor Mishaps…

  1. Ah, what fun! Love the costumes, especially Snow White and Shirley the Tourist. Now, what can I come up with in the couple hours I have until the Trick or Treaters start arriving?

    • Glad you liked them, Rene! We probably won’t have many kids coming to the door…our driveway is too long. I don’t think I’ll bother dressing up tonight. I got our costume idea off the Internet. Wendy

  2. I would hate to have to judge which of you would win the costume contest! You are all absolutely creative and adorable (oh, that Elise is something else). What a great job on the pumpkin carving too!! Sounds like a great Halloween weekend so far!! Enjoy every minute!!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Diane! I was a little worried about the pumpkin carving…two of the four kids are rather coordination-challenged…I was scared about someone losing a finger! Wendy

  3. Sounds like a great, fun weekend! I love the pair of blue jeans, and the geek and the tourist. Snow White is adorable too! Great work on the pumpkins – very impressive!

  4. Sounds like a most Happy Halloween. Great costumes!

  5. Glad you had a fun Halloween Wendy and the pictures to prove it 🙂 I thought you and Jim made a very cool pair of Jeans. My favorites however were Jim’s parents – super cool!

    Sad about the deer. Tough luck. And the Snow White…to die for 😀

    Happy Monday!


    • Yes, Gord the Geek was my favourite…the shirt-tail sticking out of his zipper made it for me! We have lots of deer here…I was just glad the kids were okay, and that the car wasn’t badly damaged. Happy Monday to you too, Harsha! Hugs, Wendy

  6. Happy day-after-Halloween, Wendy! Looks like everyone had a great time at the party!

  7. Aw that looked like an awesome party! I have to say Chris looked quite proud of those wings. 😉

  8. Such a precious princess! Your kids did a great job with the pumpkins. I need to take some carving lessons!

  9. It looks like you had such a fun weekend, Wendy. What a cute picture of you and Jim! You have such a sweet family.

    I like that you can win pretty soaps for correctly identifying intestines.

    Happy Monday!

  10. planejaner

    looks like fun!

  11. …I sure do like dogs in pirate hats.

  12. Nice to see all the fun costumes! We had one trick or treater last night. It was a pretty lame Halloween here in E. Dalhousie. Nice to know some one had some fun!!

    • Glad you enjoyed them, Laura! We didn’t have a single trick-or-treater here (we have a long driveway). Hope was disappointed to get only half a pillowcase full of candy in West Saint John where she went…she had taken TWO pillowcases in anticipation! She said a lot of people weren’t home… Wendy

  13. Did they call you Jean and Gene? I love those easy and comfy kind of costumes. I was hard to dance in my purple wig.

    • No, Colleen…we actually had to explain it to people! My brother-in-law missed the explanation, and assumed we were French alpine skiers! My costume was perfect for falling on the floor during musical chairs… Thanks for stopping by! Wendy

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