Time to Make the Bagels…

Earlier this month, Kristin over at Scintillator posted a recipe for Tri-Colour Bagels, which she calls “Hound Rounds” because they’re the same colour as her dogs: beagle/basset hound crosses.  Since I had such good luck with her Flax Bagel recipe, I was anxious to try these fancy ones!

I started with one bowl, mixing some of the flour with the yeast, some honey, salt, and warm water.  Then I divided the dough into three bowls, adding white flour to one, whole wheat to another, and rye flour to the third.  Note to self: Next time I buy flour at Bulk Barn, I need to mark the bags so I can tell what kind it is!  I was tasting it, trying to figure it out!  Apparently, I guessed right…

White dough...


Whole Wheat dough...should have used a flash for this...light coming in the window threw off the colours...


Pumpernickel dough...


After letting the doughs rise for about an hour, I divided each piece into 12 smaller pieces, and made ropes from them. The whole wheat dough was very sticky (I think I may have overdone the molasses), and I had to flour my hands to keep the dough from sticking. Here are the ropes I made…notice the varying lengths that result from eyeballing “equal” pieces:

Dough ropes...

Then I took a rope of each colour, braided them, made a round, and pinched the ends together.  This is harder than it sounds.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Braided rounds, ready to rise again...


I let them rise for another half hour, and then put them into boiling sugar water for 2 or 3 minutes, flipping them every few seconds. After their bath, they looked like this:

Nice and puffy...ready to be baked...


I omitted the flour wash/seeds that Kristin suggested…pure laziness! After 20 minutes in my 350-degree oven (I turned them once), the bagels came out looking like this:

Finished bagels...yummy!

I thought the finished results looked a lot like the dog chews we buy once in a while for Jake! Jim commented on how pretty they were when they were sliced, and took this picture to show you:

Sliced bagel...photo by Jim...

If you like bagels, give these a try!




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48 responses to “Time to Make the Bagels…

  1. 1959duke

    As part of my recovery from my surgery ( which is tomorrow) I will be required to eat soft foods for a few days. Those sure would quicken my recovery!

  2. Hippie Cahier

    Wow, those look amazing. Now I’m hungry. Thanks, Wendy! 🙂

  3. Yum! My husband used to make homemade sourdough cinnamon-raisin bagels…that was livin’!

    They look gorgeous…making breads/bagels is such a meditative thing to do.
    If my back was better today, maybe I’d give this a go…alas…not today.
    blessings on your Sunday!

    • I hope your back’s feeling better soon, Jane…these actually aren’t much of a strain to knead, because it’s such a small amount of dough at once…not like kneading a bread recipe that takes 8 cups of flour! Hugs, Wendy

  4. that looks pretty and pretty easy.

  5. How pretty. I love how they look when they are cut. I bet they tasted great.

    I will have to live vicariously though–I know my limits and this well surpasses them…you lost me at sticky and braid.

  6. The bagels look so artistic Wendy. Beautiful and I bet they taste just as good as they look!

  7. jacquelincangro

    Impressive! They don’t sell anything like this at my bagel shop. They look delicious.

  8. Those look amazing – you never cease to impress me with your baking prowess, Wendy! I could never do anything like that!
    Sunshine xx

  9. Gorgeous! We don’t get much by way of different flours here (why would we want anything other than baguettes, according to the French?!) but I might try some single dough ones

  10. My kids are bagel hounds! They will love these babies. I only hope mine turn out as delicious as these look. Thanks!

  11. Delish and beautiful! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Wendy!

  12. That is some process. Why do they need to bathe before they’re baked? Just curious since I’m a complete dummy as far as baking goes! They look very pretty sliced 🙂 and not so bad whole either 😀

    Great going Wendy! Am off to catch your previous post…looks like all I’m doing is catching up these days sigh…

    Hugs, H.

  13. I adore bagels and these are beautiful! Actually, I love bread, any kind, with lots of butter–Yummy, Yummy!

    Not in Haiti Anymore 😦

  14. How beautiful…but I imagine they must have been a lot of work! To make three different doughs all at once!

    • It wasn’t too bad, Melissa…you start with one, and then split it and add the various flours/sweetenings to the individual bowls. The big thing for me is that the recipe only makes twelve…I think I’ll double it next time… Wendy

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever seen braided bagels. That looks really good.

  16. Oh they are beautiful Wendy! Sounds like a great cooking project with the kids! Will have to give this a try! Paula

    • It would be fun to do with the kids, Paula, especially ‘tweens…you could get them to make the “ropes” after you divide the dough. Let me know how they come out! Wendy

  17. OMG I so have to get Suzanne to make those. They look amazing!

  18. I love them, Wendy. They are beautiful when sliced. Reminds me of a black and white cookie! I’m sure they were delicious.

  19. Curt says he is impressed. Not something he would tackle. He’s staying with to going to the bagel shop even though they don’t have tricolors.

  20. Those look amazing! You said braiding them is harder than it sounds. Well, I already thought it sounded pretty hard. So it may be a while before I attempt this… 🙂

    • It’s really not that hard, Melissa…I just squeezed the ends of the three ropes together before I started, and then mashed the other ends into them at the end (“squeezed” and “mashed” being the technical baking terms…I’m such a pro…NOT!). Your older child would probably have fun helping make the ropes (after you divide the dough!). Wendy

  21. You’re having too much fun. I’m not so sure about those chicken hearts though.

  22. thejaggedman

    I cook, but I do not bake, but this post and recipe has me thinking I may take up baking as well! Nice post and awesome looking bagels.

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