Fondant Stars, Chicken Hearts, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and Prawn Skips…

I haven’t done a rambling, random post with lots of food in it for a while, so here’s one for you:

1. Anna convinced me to buy her some pre-made fondant at Bulk Barn a couple of weeks ago so she could do some cake decorating…last summer, she and Brianna had made fondant from scratch for a cake for Jim’s birthday, but it was apparently a sticky nightmare to work with.  So Mom forked over $16.00 for 4 lbs. of fondant.  Anna made yellow cake, which looked like this when she finished decorating it:

Anna's Star Cake...she cut out the stars freehand with a knife...

2. Kaylee and Scott came over for supper on Sunday…I made gingerbread for dessert (sorry, no photo…it’s gone!).  Lucky Scott found the “bonus hair” in his!  I apologized profusely, but he seemed okay with it (of course, he might have been scared to make a big deal…would you yang at your mother-in-law about her cooking?).  Apparently, Kaylee’s hair is all over their house, and hers is a lot longer than mine!

3. Speaking of hair, I finally got to the hairdresser this week after four months (I normally go every 6-8 weeks).  My grey is gone again (Anna says I look like a “ginger”) and Heather cut about 4″ off the bottom.  I now have a somewhat sexy bob (which unfortunately accentuates my fat cheeks!).  I’m waiting for the last of the snow to melt so I can get out my bike and get rid of the extra inches around my middle!

4. Devin got his learner’s permit last week…Jim is looking forward to passing the torch to Devin as “family chauffeur” once he gets his license!  Anna and I are next!

Elise and Uncle Devin checking out "Dwarf Fortress" by Jim

5. Hope, Dad and I enjoyed a feast of Chinese Chicken Hearts early this week (no one else in the house will eat them, although Kaylee converted Scott and his friend!).  I sauté them, and then add soy sauce, garlic powder, ginger, and brown sugar…yummy!  I made rice pilaf with chicken for the non-heart eaters.

Sautéed Chinese Chicken Hearts...don't they look delicious?

6. I was excited to pick up my seeds for the garden last week!  I can’t wait to start planting the indoor stuff.  I’m going to try leeks, kale, arugula, spaghetti squash, a yellow tomato called “banana legs”, and a black cherry tomato for the first time this year.  I was dismayed to discover that I only have three bags of green beans left in the freezer…will be rationing those from now on!

7. I was supposed to donate blood today, but found out that the clinic was cancelled…I’ve been drinking (water) like crazy all week, to avoid the problem I had last time.  I read somewhere that drinking a couple of glasses of water a half hour before one eats is a good weight loss tool…it makes your stomach think it’s full sooner, so that you don’t eat as much.  I tried that yesterday with my Chinese food at lunch…my stomach told me it was full, but I pretended it was one of the kids and ignored it!  Today I’m paying for that beef and broccoli…the day I stop eating red meat all together is looming!

8.  The Pillsbury Dough Boy is 50 years old today…how ironic that a big-bunned girl like me was born the same year as a guy known for his rolls!

" made me a cake?" Photo of Pillsbury Dough Boy from

9. Jim decided to make banana bread at 10:00 at night on Tuesday night…the two loaves are nearly gone three days later!  Kaylee sent me a recipe for soft pretzels, but it only makes 10, which would disappear in about five minutes at our house!

10. Hope came home from cheerleading with an injury on Wednesday…she had gotten hit in the face while trying to catch their flyer.  Her glasses dug into her nose, and her nose was dented and bruised.  Anna messed up her knee at her cheerleading practice on Thursday.  She used a bag of frozen corn as an ice pack last night.   Competititions start in a couple of weeks…I hope they’re better by then!

11. I got some awesome new cookie sheets last night…ours are getting really decrepit.  The ones I got are heavy Pyrex brand, non-stick ones for only $6 each…I bought two.  They even have the spots for cookies marked on them…how cool is that?

Pyrex cookie sheet...see the markings for those of us who have trouble making straight rows? Photo from

12. Elise is getting some experience tasting international foods.  Kaylee has a cyber-friend in Ireland named Clodagh (they’ve been friends about ten years), who sent her a book recently.  Knowing Kaylee’s penchant for UK foods, Clo thoughtfully included some Prawn Cocktail Skips (shrimp-flavoured chips), Jaffa Cakes (chocolate covered cookies with jelly in the middle), and Barratt Nougat (chewy candy) in the package.  Here’s a video of Elise trying the Prawn Skips (Scott is not a fan!): 


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38 responses to “Fondant Stars, Chicken Hearts, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and Prawn Skips…

  1. Gardening = my season of guilt. I grew up on a large grain farm with a gigantic garden. Picking green and yellow beans, hilling potatoes, cutting off lettuce, and shelling peas are all part of my memories. Yet I don’t garden. I kill house plants through my combination of neglect followed by smothering attention.

    Please pass the kale, the argula, and all the other fab things you grow. I wish we lived closer!


    • I grew up in the country, too, Leanne, but only got back to it a couple of years ago (lived in medium-sized cities most of my adult life). I had a huge garden last year (check the archives for photos), and plan to have another big one this year. For us, it really helps keep the grocery bills lower with seven people in the house. Wendy

  2. That’s a lot of information. 😉
    Those baking sheets look cool… I need some. Maybe I’ll try those.
    Chicken hearts? Yuck. I can’t even imagine. Wow!

    • I always say to “chicken heart haters” not to knock them until they’ve tried them…they are chewy, nutty-tasting goodness, Koreen! I’m looking forward to trying out the cookie sheets too…maybe this weekend… Hugs, Wendy

      • I forgot to say, did you change your blog background? It’s really pretty. Makes me think of spring!

        P.S. I’m not big on meat and can only eat certain types and cuts without wanting to barf. I just have an aversion to most for whatever weird reason, and can hardly handle being around the raw stuff without gagging. Maybe I should give it up altogether? 😉

      • Yes, Koreen…I changed the blog theme to one that would allow me to choose a background: it is a William Morris design (William Morris was an English artist and textile designer associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement – I love his stuff!). My issue with red meat is that I like it, but it doesn’t like me…I get nasty stuff going on in my intestines when I eat it, especially pork (luckily, I don’t have trouble with bacon!). Hugs, Wendy

  3. I guess we both have kids with drivers permits! Cole started this week. I am learning how to be a passenger. Those cookie sheets are WAY cool…I never know the best way to the space the cookies.

    Hope your girls mend quickly.

    • Jim’s been doing all the driver training with Dev…they’ve been out almost every night this week!

      I’m looking forward to trying out my cookie sheets soon…

      Both girls seem to be better today…glad not to have to sit in emerg waiting for an x-ray on Anna’s knee…


  4. Uhmmm…chicken hearts? really?? lol

  5. Good to know you all aren’t going hungry! Yummy, yummy!

    Not in Haiti Anymore 😦

  6. Those poor Chinese chickens!

    what do they taste like? what’s the texture?
    I was so happy…the fondant cake, the gingerbread, your lovely hair do…
    then…CHICKEN HEARTS???

    • Chicken hearts are chewy, and have kind of a nutty flavour…very yummy when sauted with soy sauce, garlic powder, ginger and brown sugar…have I ever steered you wrong, Jane? Hugs, Wendy

  8. jacquelincangro

    I’ve been wanting some new cookie sheets for some time now myself. I like the ones you just got. I ‘ll have a look around for them.

    Elise is sooo cute. What a fun video. Though I’d have to agree with Scott – prawn flavored skips? I dunno.

    • I just tried out the cookie sheets tonight, Jacquelin…Hope and I made Oatmeal/Chocolate Chip Cookies. I am in love with the new cookie sheets…the cookies just slide right off…no prying with a spatula and worrying about breaking them! The heavyweight metal is good for baking too. I’ve had the prawn skips myself…I like them…they have little bubbles in them like Munchos chips. Wendy

  9. Anna’s cake looks wonderful. My daughters made a cake with fondant for my grandson’s first birthday cake. Way to fancy to be destroyed by a one year old.

    Where do you get that quantity of chicken hearts? I’ve never seen so many in one place.

    I loved the video of Elise. So cute!

    • I’ll pass your compliments on to Anna about her cake, Jeanne! They sell chicken hearts in trays here…that was two trays worth. Elise is 18 months old now…can’t get over how fast she’s growing up! Hugs, Wendy

  10. I finally had sushi a couple years ago, and loved it. I finally had sauteed liver a couple nights ago — duck liver, at this place in New Orleans — and it was incredible. But I’ve never heard of sauteed chicken hearts, and, while I’m more adventursome when it comes to food than I used to be, I just don’t think I could eat them. 🙂

    • I think you’d like chicken hearts, Todd, especially if you like duck liver. The consistency of hearts is different…they’re chewy instead of mushy, and have kind of a nutty flavour. Wendy P.S. I’m not a sushi fan, either, but I do like tempura!

  11. Jess Witkins

    Hmm, the chicken hearts seem questionable, but I might be able to try one. I don’t promise to swallow the heart though. lol.

    I loved the clip of Elyse, what a total cutie!

  12. The dough boy is 50? Wow, just proves great people / things were born in 1961! What a great job Anna did on the cake. Hope the injuries sustained during the week heal soon. Elise is a doll…love the video. ♥ Diane

  13. Elise is such a cutie-pie! How funny that her dad was trying to convince her they were disgusting!
    I can’t imagine eating chicken hearts – no matter how yummy the sauce you cook them in, or the way your cook them, chicken hearts? Seriously? You’re more adventurous than I, for sure!
    Sunshine xx

    • Elise is cute, Sunshine, and her dad is a bit of a sh$%-disturber…LOL! We’ve been eating chicken hearts since we were young…I think it all started with the turkey heart at holidays…my brother and I used to fight over it! Hugs, Wendy

  14. …the way you cook them – sorry!

  15. Chicken hearts Wendy!!! How could you??!! I guess I’m much too traditional in my food choices…don’t like eating animal organs of any sort!

    The fondant cake on the other hand looks good and I wish you had pictures of the gingerbread. Cookie sheets with markings…pretty cool those 🙂

    My fave has to be Ms. Puddin Pop tasting the Shrimp Skips 😀 😀 Glad she liked them despite Dad trying to convince her otherwise 😛

    Enjoyed the post Wendy 🙂

    Hugs, H.

  16. I love Prawn Skips (or Shrimp Chips). Suzanne just makes a face whenever I bring up the subject but they rock. I love the way Elise wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first but kept on trying it. Cheers to her for having exotic taste. 😀

    • The funny thing, Ian, is that Elise isn’t a great eater, but she liked those! I noticed that you sidestepped the chicken heart issue…have you tried those? Wendy

      • No issue with me. My grandma used to make wicked fried chicken gizzard snacks that I used to love. There were plenty of hearts in there. I’m not sure what she did to them but they were tender as butter with a crispy coating. Course I never found out that there were hearts in there till later on in life. Probably would have scared me away as a child but you can’t beat good taste so you say Sautéed Chinese Chicken Hearts and I say freeze’em and hook me up! 😉

      • Yay! I found another chicken heart lover! Gizzards taste okay, but they’re way too much work to chew! Wendy

  17. EddyBettyShreddy

    Your grand daughter and Mr. Bean turn my cranky 😀 she’s adorable and he’s my new years eve t.v. superhero tradition.

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