Easter, Elmo and Elise Come to Hammond River…

After another busy holiday weekend, I’m happy to say that we survived to go back to work this morning…

One of the things I wanted to do on Friday morning when I woke up was get my indoor seeds started…it was sunny and warm on our back deck, so it was perfect for it.  I also made an executive decision that it would be a “jammie day”, which for me consists of a T-shirt and yoga pants (I don’t do yoga…I just like the pants!).  I set my 130 small peat pots out on some metal trays that I bought at Value Village…13 to a tray.  One at a time, I brought the trays outside to fill the pots from the industrial sized-bag of dirt, and put the seeds in.  As I worked, the birds flew past me on their way to the 392 bird feeders on our deck, some brushing close enough to me that I could feel the wind from their wings (I was glad they were birds and not bats!).  I was leaning over the table poking holes with my finger in the soil to deposit the seeds into, when I felt something on my back.  Reflected in the glass of the deck door, I saw that a chickadee had landed on me.  I have no idea what he thought I was, since I didn’t resemble any local tree in my bright orange T-shirt!  I hollered for Jim, who was immersed in a computer game in the living room on the other side of the glass…by the time I got Jim’s attention, my new feathered friend had abandoned his perch.

After I’d finished planting, I carried the trays carefully into our back kitchen, where I set them on a table I hope is high enough to prevent a repeat of Jake’s destroying my plants like he did last year!

Trays of planted seedlings...

Saturday afternoon after picking a few groceries for our Easter family dinner, I decided to try out a new recipe for the rolls…Clover Leaf Rolls.  I spent all afternoon making them…three rises…they looked amazing!

Rolls before putting them in the oven...photo by Anna...

I put them in the oven, being careful to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees, as our oven is quite hot.  Fifteen minutes later, they came out looking like this:

Finished clover leaf rolls...

Unfortunately, I baked them a little longer than I should have, and I decided they weren’t good enough for company…I had Jim pick me up some more rolls that afternoon.

While I was baking, Jim had conned the kids into helping him raise the giant birdhouse from last summer into one of the apple trees…it ended up one platform down from its intended resting place, but at least it was finally off the ground!

Remember this from last year? (photo by Anna)

I dragged myself out of bed Sunday morning at 8:30…I had a 12-lb. turkey to make stuffing for and have in the oven for noon, 7 loads of laundry to fold, and mega cleaning to do for our company (Jim and the kids helped after they got up)!  I was still working on all that when Kaylee, Scott, and Elise arrived at 2:30 (dinner was at 6).  Hope had organized a small Easter egg hunt for Elise in the living room (Hope hid them in plain sight).  Elise fed Hope and Jake some of her Fruit Loops (much to Jake’s delight).  Later, Hope took the opportunity to improve on Elise’s hairdo:

Elise...hair by Auntie Hope, photo by Auntie Anna...the theme of Elise's bedroom is Dr. Seuss...surprised?

Jim presented Elise with a fun children’s CD by one of the singers from the Presidents of the United States of America (they did the theme song for the Drew Carey Show), Chris Ballew, aka Caspar Babypants.  We also gave her an Elmo building toy, which led to a rather hilarious slip of the tongue from Hope:  “Look Elise…it’s Elmo Kotex!”

Maybe "Kotex" is his horse's name?

Jim’s parents and his sister, Tracy, came a little closer to dinner time.  Jim had made his Grammy Clark’s dressing and gravy…I did the turkey, mashed potatoes, squash (from the garden), cauliflower/broccoli mix, and corn.  Synchronising all that food takes a little talent.  I realized as I was serving myself corn that it was still frozen, and took it back to the kitchen for a couple more minutes in the microwave.  When it was done, I brought it back, and spooned some more on to my plate.  It was only after I finished loading up my plate with other things, that I discovered I’d made two piles of corn!  Other people had noticed, but were too polite to point it out! 

After dinner, most people were too full for dessert…Jim and I put the food away in lunch containers, and he put on the bones to boil for turkey soup.  We chatted for a while and then I served apple pie to those who wanted it.  By this time, Elise was so tired she could barely stand up!  Her parents took her home, and Jim’s family left soon afterwards. 

We watched Amazing Race before I went to bed…we were all sad to see Jet and Cord eliminated…the Goths have gotta go, especially that whiny Kent!

Happy Trails, boys...you were true gentlemen and awesome competitors! (photo from cbs.com)

Jim stayed up to finish making the soup broth and finish his game on the computer…
I hope all my readers had a Happy Easter…I’m going to spend tomorrow catching up on all the blog posts I haven’t read yet…


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42 responses to “Easter, Elmo and Elise Come to Hammond River…

  1. Wendy! I didn’t know about Jet and Cord! Gah! We dvr-ed it…
    The rest of your weekend sounded wonderful…except all the laundry and cleaning.

  2. What a sweet, homespun day you had. Those clover leaf rolls look yummy, warm from the oven with a smattering of butter…mmm….I can taste them now. Glad you had a happy Easter.

    Btw, did you get my message with the happy news–you are now the proud recipient of the Kreativ Blogger award! I’ve included you in my latest post. 🙂

    • Thanks, Monica…glad you enjoyed the post! The rolls were just a couple of minutes overdone…not burned, but rather “well-done”…not good enough for company! We’re eating them here… Yes, I got your news about the award…I haven’t gotten that one before! I’m honoured, but may sit on it for a while, as I have kind of run out of people to pass awards to…thank you so much! Wendy

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend. And the rolls look incredible–I’m a big fan of all things bread-related, especially when there’s butter involved. Happpy Easter, my friend!

  4. Send all slightly overdone rolls my way. And cookies and cakes and….

  5. Pass the productivity, please.

    I love the idea of gardening. I’m a farm girl who was helping tend a garden by the time I could walk. But I don’t garden now. Sigh. I write, though. Plant some words here and there.

  6. I’m jealous you’ve got seeds planted already. I had plans of starting some but haven’t done it yet.
    We did manage to get some of the yard raked yesterday afternoon.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter gathering and wonderful food.

    • I haven’t been out in the yard to clean it up yet, Jeanne (some of our lawn chairs are still bungee-corded to a tree in preparation for Earl, the Hurricane that wasn’t, last fall! I still have to plant my herbs, and I haven’t started any flowers because I haven’t decided where to put them yet! Hugs, Wendy

  7. Jeanne Heuer

    Shoot! I missed AR Sunday. Sorry to hear the cowboys are hone. I agree with you on the Goths.

  8. What a terrific Easter, Wendy. The bird landing on you made me chuckle.

    Could Elise be cuter?

    • I’m just glad it didn’t poop on me, Chase (although chickadees are pretty small!). Elise is pretty cute, and a nice kid too…Kaylee worried that their next child (when they decide to have one) will be the exact opposite! I haven’t gotten to your Easter post yet, but will read it this morning! Wendy

  9. The rolls looked good to me! Sounds like a busy time, Wendy.

    Your granddaughter is sweet! But you already know that.

  10. I don’t know, Wendy. I thought Jim’s rolls looked awfully good. Once at Thanksgiving, I burned the bottom of the rolls, so I used the electric carving knife to slice the bottom off the rolls, which is a trick you can only use when you’re feeding family.

    • I made the rolls, Todd! I couldn’t use the “cut off the bottom trick” because they were overly brown right up the sides (and pretty small), thanks to my heavy non-stick muffin pans! I have used a grater to save cookies with burned bottoms, but never for company! Catching up with new posts today…will be over to your place soon! Wendy

  11. jacquelincangro

    First off, let me say that I would have totally eaten those rolls. I’m happy to accept any cast-offs and be your official taste tester.

    Can’t wait to see those flowers when you transfer them. Keep us posted.

    Heigh ho, Kotex! Away!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jacquelin…the rolls were okay, just not good enough to serve to guests! I was planting vegetables on Friday…I plan to get some herbs planted this week. I have some flower seeds, but haven’t decided where to put them outdoors yet…we have that pesky deer problem! Wendy

  12. My fingernails are dirty with soil as I type this. Joe just hauled a load of manure and I’m planting seeds and seedlings. Good thing I’m not trying to east icecream with my fingers too! Yours look like seed cupcakes!

    • ‘Tis the season for planting, Colleen! I’m glad you’re not eating ice cream with your dirty fingers either! I got those cute little pots at the dollar store…26 for a buck, and you can put the whole thing right into the ground! Wendy

  13. Boy, when you do Easter, you DO Easter, don’t you? We thought we’d done well to get it together enough for a papertrail through the woods with several hidden caches of eggs, followed by roast chicken and ham…Still, there were no complaints, except for “I’ve got a tummy ache!” from the Tiniest Weasels mid afternoon. We rounded off the day with “Prince of Persia”, as much for Mrs Dim’s benefit as the kids (And I know you’re a Jake G fan too…)
    Just got to add “Remember the Elmo!” because it makes me laugh.

  14. Sounds like lovely Easter but a lot of work! Those rolls looked perfect but I suppose our expectation may be a wee bit different when it comes to what is good enough to serve to company.

    I’m sure when a chickadee lands on you-good look luck is right around the corner. Hope all pots produce strong spouts!


    • You can’t really see the bottoms of the rolls in the pictures, Katybeth…definitely only good enough for the family!

      I’m just glad the bird didn’t poop on me! My plants should be okay as long as I keep them out of Jake’s way!


  15. Jess Witkins

    Aww, that’s so cute a chickadee landed on you! And the birdhouse is gorgeous! My brothers all got one of their own for christmas this last year and I know some sparrows have already built a home in one of them.

    • It surprised me, Jess! The birdhouse was quite a project…it was started by Jim’s dad, who gave it to us. Jim finished it, and the girls painted it. It was so huge and heavy, it sat in the grass in our back yard for most of last year! Wendy

  16. Well, it’s obvious, that little chickadee had selected you as his mate. He was courting you. And probably had intentions of moving you into that giant birdhouse with him, to set you up with ‘the good life’. What a compliment! I am envious.

    Although… I did have a lovely brown headed bird (a cowbird? wasnt certain) that would sometimes land on my foot while I sat in the yard noshing…turns out, he just had a foot fettish. But that’s oTay…I like birds.

    • Welcome to Hammond River, Spectra! Glad you enjoyed the post! We had a brown-headed cowbird visit our feeders for the first time a couple of weeks ago…we hadn’t seen one before. Wendy

  17. The rolls looked great! And Elise is far too adorable 🙂

  18. I can’t believe a bird landed on you! I found a chickadee perched on our dining room chair once and it scared me to death. The chair did have a floral pattern, but still. Sounds like a wonderful holiday with your fam!
    Here’s to non-functioning yoga pants and jammie days–I’m sporting that outfit right now!

    • It was pretty weird, Reeling! I’ve had hummingbirds buzz my head before, but they’ve never landed! Ah…jammie days…won’t get one this weekend…we’ve got back-to-back cheerleading competitions! Thanks for stopping by! Wendy

  19. Birds land on you? You must have great karma, I only get the alternative.

  20. Great line about Elmo’s horse. Hilarious!

  21. Tracy

    Dinner was delicious, Wendy. Thanks for having us. Elise is adorable!!! 🙂

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