Yes, We Have No Wine, and Other Random Things…

Welcome to another chapter in my oh-so-exciting existence! We’ve got lots to cover…the transitions will be abrupt, so please keep a firm hold on your tea, lest it spill as we careen around corners!

1. Monday morning was sunny…I hated to have to work, but came into the bookstore anyway…I had three boxes of books to photograph, and 90 pages of our database to print off!  Hope was off school that day, so she came into town with me and helped take the pictures (it’s much easier for a 12-year-old to get up and down off the floor than it is for me!).  Anna and Brianna went to the mall…Anna used the money I gave her for jeans to buy shorts (because apparently 47 pairs aren’t enough!).  Brianna got some nail polish which is the perfect colour for my toes…maybe she’ll let me borrow it!

Anna and Brianna goofing around with the webcam last fall...

2. My friend, Dale, surprised me by dropping into the bookstore…I first met him in 1980 when we worked in two neighbouring stores in the Quinte Mall in Belleville, Ontario (I worked in a camera store, and he worked in the record store next door). I used to go into the record store and buy all kinds of albums (that was before I had kids to spend my money for me!). The following year, my boss decided to move his store to another strip mall in town, and Dale and I lost touch. Fast forward to the early 2000’s: I was receiving correspondence about an upcoming reunion of some of my buddies from Loyalist College, and saw a familiar name on the e-mail list. I e-mailed the guy and asked “Are you the same Dale who used to work in the record store?” Sure enough…turns out Dale went to Loyalist about the same time I did, and used to hang out with the radio guys I knew! We were reunited at the reunion, and have been in touch ever since…coincidentally, Dale now lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, which is only a little over an hour’s drive from where I live now. We chatted for quite a while, and then Dale left to get to a business meeting, promising to return soon to add to his “classics” collection.  We’re planning to meet up with some more friends from school this fall at the Gregg Allman show at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton in September.  I’m looking forward to seeing them all!

3. When we got home in the afternoon, Hope checked her e-mail, and excitedly called me over to the computer.  “Look at this, Mom!”  There was an e-mail from the Marketing Coordinator for Market Square…on the weekend, Hope and Gabrielle had sent her a clip of them singing “O Canada” and had asked if they could sing the national anthem at the Canada Day celebrations on July 1st.  The reply said that she would like to have the girls sing, and would be in touch soon to arrange the details!  Hope called Gabrielle right away to tell her the good news!  We were really proud of her for taking the chance to do something like that!

Gabrielle and Hope singing at a Talent Show last by Jim

4. Monday night (after writing my Easter blog post), I remembered that Tuesday was our long-awaited book club meeting…we hadn’t gotten together since bidding our friend, Selina, “Adieu” in December when she moved to Winnipeg. We usually bring food of some sort for book club. Our book was “Secret Daughter” by Shilpi Somaya Gowder, which is set mainly in India.  What I know about East Indian food would fit neatly on the head of a pin (and I don’t eat much spicy food), so I Googled a local store where I might find something to bring to the meeting.  Upon reaching the website, I was confronted with the name of the product, a photo, and the price…no description whatsoever.  Back to Google…Nanak Gajar Halwa: “carrot fudge”? That sounds disgusting!  Nanak Rasmalai: “Soft Cheese Patty in thickened milk and sugar sauce”.  My lactose-intolerant stomach actually did a somersault after reading that!  I decided to go with something a little safer…I had a bag of Ganong Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs I’d bought on the weekend…everybody likes chocolate in our book club (and these are made in St. Stephen, New Brunswick)!

5. Tuesday morning was rainy, but at least I didn’t have a lot of work waiting for me at the store when I got there…I took the opportunity to catch up on the 40-50 blog posts I hadn’t had a chance to read over the long weekend!  It took me a long time, but there weren’t many customers wandering in to disturb me, so I was able to get it done!  I bought a Meditteranean Chicken Salad from Sagratti’s in the City Market for supper, and brought it back to the store to eat (I picked out the black olives…yuck!).   I hoped the family would save me some of Jim’s famous Turkey Soup…

Jim's soup and homemade biscuits...yummy!

6. I was the first to arrive at our Succulent Bookworms meeting (as usual – I don’t like to be late!).  I chatted with our hostess, and one of her three cats soon curled up on my lap, where it stayed for the rest of the night (if only I hadn’t been wearing black…oh well…that’s why they invented lint brushes!).  My friend called to me from the kitchen and offered me a drink, apologizing that she didn’t have any wine on hand, but that one of the other girls would probably bring some.  I declined…book club is the only time I get to indulge in red wine…I would wait until it arrived!  When she came back, she extended a ceramic plate towards me with little brown things on it.  “Oooooh…what’s this?” I squealed, thinking these must be some of those unidentifiable Indian delicacies I’d seen on that website.

“They’re the marshmallow eggs that you brought!” she prompted.  “Don’t you remember?”

I’m sure I turned about three shades of red before muttering, “Oh, yeah…” (damn peri-menopausal mushbrain!).  The chocolates looked a lot classier on that plate than they did in the compostable bag they came in!

The other girls trickled in over the next hour-and-a-half…nobody brought wine, but we did have a nice selection of food to choose from by the time everyone arrived!  There were two kinds of naan bread with mango chutney and guram masala for dipping, some pita chips with yogurt dip, some mini caramel muffins, and some decadent squares which were purely Western but awesome anyway!  We had some delicious mango juice to drink, which I’m planning to seek out next time I’m at Costco!  The hostess’ 3-year-old daughter demonstrated some of her ballet moves for us before her dad took her up to bed (he was mumbling something about getting her away from us before we corrupted her…another Bookworm man thinks we’re “witches”)…

We chatted about the book for a while (everybody liked it – excellent choice for a book club read), and then got off on our usual tangent…that was the first Worms meeting I’d ever attended where no one was drinking!  It was weird, but good…I can’t wait for the next meeting!

I was happy to get home to bed soon after 10:30…it had been a long day…


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37 responses to “Yes, We Have No Wine, and Other Random Things…

  1. Goodness you’ve been busy! Thanks for the look into your world, and the big laughs at two of your events: the chocolates you didn’t know you brought! Love it. And this, “that was before I had kids to spend my money for me!” Haa haa…

  2. jacquelincangro

    It seems that the food was a big hit at the “book” club. Maybe it should just be a “food” club…Hmmm…that sounds like something I’d be interested in.

  3. Sounds likea fun but long day, indeed!
    I didn’t get any marshmallow anything this Easter. 😦

    My mom ran into a big blank for hosting her book club–some book set in the Himalayas…she didn’t figure anyone would REALLY want to eat a yak.


    • I bought my marshmallow things myself, Jane, and didn’t tell the kids! Somebody I know from Blogland actually mentioned eating yak once…she liked it, but I can’t remember who it was! Hugs, Wendy

  4. Congratulations to your daughter (and friend) for being selected to sing on Canada Day.

    Glad you were able to meet up with an old friend – those are some of the best friends. My sister – living in TX – gets visits from her college friends on occasion. My sister (and Mom) graduated from Mount Allison in Sackville, NB.

    Here’s to your week ending as nicely as it started.


  5. Congrats to Hope and her friend on their singing engagement! It looks like your comments are working fine. Mine are still down–damn WP!

  6. So cool that Hope and friend requested to sing! I’m glad they were selected but even if they had not been it takes gumption to go for it.
    No wine? Well you were good sport–and the food does sound very tasty.


    • The neat part is that it was totally the kids’ idea, Katybeth…they just asked me who they should talk to about it!

      I muddled through without the wine…Book Club is pretty much the only time I drink, and we haven’t been getting together very often lately!


  7. All this and time for a Book Club? You ARE wonderwoman!

    • To be absolutely accurate, Jane, this was our first Book Club meeting in four months…we used to meet every 6 weeks or so… I’m about as far from Wonder Woman as you can get (except that I need industrial-strength support for “my girls” too)…LOL! Thanks for stopping by! Wendy

  8. I laughed out loud at the marshmallow eggs. When my wife brings a dish to a party I act like it’s the best thing ever and ask loudly who made it. I always act surprised when someone says my wife brought it.

  9. Congrats to Hope and her friend. And I’d have problems with the Indian food, as well. I’ve had a fair amount, but I’m super sensitive to curry. Most of it is too hot for me.

  10. What a full life you lead! Have fun!

  11. Jess Witkins

    Congrats to Hope! Good for her for seeking out a wonderful opportunity like that. I hope it goes well!

    And glad you had fun with the succulent bookworms, despite no wine. They sound like an amazing group. I’m attending another book club next month and we’re doing The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which I’ve already read and LOVED so I’m excited to discuss it with others. Woohoo!

  12. Congrats to Hope as well–very exciting! I’ll offer to ship some vino to the next meeting for you…:)

  13. Oh the book club sounds fun! It’s my goal to join one someday. And the cat? It knew you had black on!

  14. Congrats to your daughter and her friend! What a thrill for them.
    Your weeks are always filled with plenty of action, Wendy!

  15. Wendy – How do you keep up? As organized as I am, I have a difficult time keeping up these days. It’s quite disconcerting to my slightly neurotic organized self!

    Congratulations to Hope and her friend. How exciting! Oh, how I wish I had a bowl of Jim’s turkey soup and a buttered biscuit right this minute even though it’s breakfast time here.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, my friend. ♥ Diane

    • I have everything on our big calendar in the kitchen, Diane (although I often forget to look at it!)…I’m looking forward to the end of cheerleading season…

      I’m having leftover soup for my lunch today…glad they saved me some!


  16. It’s a reflection of your skill as a writer that you can present such an assortment of topics and keep the post flowing smoothly. I enjoyed each one. Also, I flew into Moncton late Friday night and waved hello to you from the air. Let’s get together one day soon.

    • I’m actually closer to Saint John now, Charles (in Quispamsis)…Jim has promised me a weekend getaway to the Island soon…I’ll definitely be in touch when we have a date for that! Wendy

  17. nancy

    Thanks for the title. I’ll get it!
    Carrot halwa is really not disgusting, just different.
    I miss the opportunity for a book club. I’d start one, but am laying off all obligations for my time right now. Might say I’m hermiting.
    Wonderful post, Wendy. It’s so great getting a view of your life, love and doings.
    BTW, how can you tell us all about the girls singing and not include a video???? I really want to see and hear them singing. AND – O Canada is one of my favorite national anthems. Please, please, take a video and post. Thank you in advance.

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